Florence Nzenwefi is an actor, writer, musician and producer. He is currently shooting in a lead role as Bob in upcoming psychological thriller "Demon Days"and also a lead role in the short film "Haven", still in pre-production.


Florence has made appearances in many on-screen productions, including "The Legend of Tarzan", "Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them", "Aladdin", "Farming", "In The Long Run", "The Life Coach" and of course - "Savage" as lead, Mokonzi.

Florence fell in love with the film when explained to him by producer Allison Edwards on a chance meeting in Brixton's Pret Á Manger. He felt on a strong level that a story like this must be told with authenticity, passion and emotional clarity. Despite the obvious harsh truth(s) of this production, Florence remained adamant that this role was meant for him empathising San's struggles with similar experiences to his own growing up, stating "There is a lot of miseducation and misunderstandings out there, so much that I and countless others don't know about. Ironically, I think that's why Mokonzi's story resonates with me so much; I am very sensitive when it comes to slavery and black related topics and yet I wasn't informed of this monstrosity towards human beings solely due to their pigmentation; I felt like I owe this telling this story to my ancestors."

Florence, who is twenty-fours years old admitted that it is one of the hardest things he has ever had to do - to embody San - a man not at all fictitious due to the foundations of his characters creation; someone much more like a channeled experience of only a handful of victims at this targeted time in history against his people.

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James Dryden is an actor from Clayton-Le-Moors. After moving South and realising Londoners don’t know where ‘Clayton-Le-Moors’ is he now says, he is from Lancashire.


Film credits include: Ready Player One, Peterloo, The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle, Tulip Fever & Mr. Turner. Television credits include: Care (BBC), Father Brown (BBC), Mount Pleasant (Sky), Nightmares (Channel 4) & Doctors (BBC). Theatre credits include: Hangmen (Royal Court and Wydhams Theatre), Beached (Soho Theatre), Teechers (UK Tour), The History Boys (Mercury Theatre).


Kajsa Mohammar trained at Södra Latin in Sweden before moving to London. Her first feature film “Of Gods and Warriors” premiered in the UK in the summer of 2018, followed by the US in October before a worldwide release including a screening at the Marbella Film Festival.


In Savage she plays the character of Mary Gordon..


Pip Donaghy is an actor who in a four-decade career has appeared in television, film and on stage. Donaghy trained at the London Drama Centre. He is a former member of the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He enjoyed filming Savage and is looking for more opportunities to work on films.


Alex Dee is an actor, known for The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006), Reservoir Dogs (2006) and Nazis: Evolution of Evil (2013). He has also appeared in the Netflix production of Hitler's Circle of Evil (2017).

In Savage he plays an unscrupulous businessman who brings the main character to Europe in order to profit from offering him as a museum exhibit.


Samanta Tamang is an actress, known for Borderline (2018) and Toxic Apocalypse (2016).

In Savage she plays Tonraq, an Inuit who - like Mokonzi is a part of the museum exhibition.